Introduction: RGB LED Light Pole


Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need:


-Polycarbonate or Scanner pole (mine is prom disassembled scanner)

-A lot of CDs

-Hot glue gun and sticks

-Soldering iron and solder

-220 ohm resistor


Step 2: Make Basement and Poles

Glue all CDs together except one (the down one). Also make a little way for cables like on the image. And also glue LED to pole and secure it with heat-shrink tube.

Step 3: Soldering

Solder the LED to cables like this :





Also don't forget to insulate the connections. So add the heat-shrink tube to all legs and add hot glue.

Step 4: Position It and Add Some Cosmetical Changes

Now make position fot that pole and double-check your cable system. Now you use your groove for cables, adjust height and glue that last CD to the base. And while the glue is hot adjust pole to be in nearly 90 degrees. I also added aluminium tape to base.

Step 5: Demo Program

In there you will see how it work. It´s just easy fading animation.

#define gndLED 8
#define redLed 11
#define greenLed 10
#define blueLed 9 
void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
} void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
 for(int x = 0; x<256; x++){analogWrite(redLed,x); delay(5);}
 for(int x = 255; x>0; x--){analogWrite(redLed,x); delay(5);}
 for(int x = 0; x<256; x++){analogWrite(greenLed,x); delay(5);}
 for(int x = 255; x>0; x--){analogWrite(greenLed,x); delay(5);}
 for(int x = 0; x<256; x++){analogWrite(blueLed,x); delay(5);}
 for(int x = 255; x>0; x--){analogWrite(blueLed,x); delay(5);}

So now you have complete pole. Have fun with it.

And if you want you can also add images of your creation. Oh. And you can create a pie with candle from it.