Introduction: REPAIR OF SOCKS

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If your socks have become too large to use and are larger than your foot size then your problem solution is here

Step 1: Materials

1 - Your Socks

2 - Thread

3 - Sewing Needle

4 - Rubber

Step 2: Bend the Sock

Bend the sock as in the picture so you can put the rubber on it

Step 3: The Rubber

Put the rubber on the sock that you bend as in the picture

Step 4: ​Bend the Sock Again

Bend the sock again over the rubber as shown in the picture

Step 5: The Suturing

Start suturing the sock with close stitches as in the picture

Step 6: The Second Sock

Repeat the previous steps with the second sock

Step 7: Finsh

Congratulations !

Now the socks have been repaired and can be used normally

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