Introduction: RETRO Wall Sconce

Hello. This project, I will do the wall sconce by using the old electrical fuse box and the Edison style light bulb. The design is to make something look old, but easy to use in the daily life. It looks cool and lit the space up well and easy to make. Let’s begin.

Overall dimension: Length 35 X Width 8 X height 26 Centimeter.

Old electric fuse box: Length 20 X Width 8 X Height 3 Centimeter.

Supplies that you need to do the “Retro Wall Sconce” project.

1. Old electrical fuse box (Factory type), Metal angle tube (Hydraulic hose), and Old Bearing.

2. Edison light bulb (Round), Light Socket, and Dimmer outlet.

3. Electrical set (Wire, Switch, Plug).

4. Clear Acrylic, and Screws.

5. Electrical tape (Black), Clear Silicone, and all purpose glue.

6. Copper color Spray Paint.

Step 1: Get Stuffs Clean

Clean the old electrical fuse box and make sure that you have all parts. In order to make it looks more aged, you need to apply vinegar mixed with ketchup for hour and wash it off. Now you need to clean the metal angle tube, (I cut the metal angle from the Hydraulic hose).

Step 2: Cut and Drill Clear Acrylic

Now you need to cut the square clear acrylic and sand all edges to an 45 degree angle and drill 4 holes, that fit the old screw from the electrical fuse box (Make sure that you get the right dimension) and also drill the center hole (For the electric wire to the light socket) and the smaller holes (For attach to the metal angle tube), and you need to measure it correctly. Now you need to drill the small holes into the end of the metal angle tube (One end will be rubber and other end will be round metal: like a cup). The reason to drill small hole, is that when you screw it in, it will go in easy. Then you need to attach the square clear acrylic to the end of the metal angle tube with the screws,

Step 3: Wired and Attach Parts

You need to use copper spray paint, to spray on the switch (On/Off) and make sure that you use the masking tape to cover the on/off button. It’s usually come in a set with wire and plug. After that you begin to wire small electrical in the old electrical fuse box through the small hole and inside the metal angle tube to other end. At this point you need to use all purpose glue to attach the old bearing to the metal cup end and let it dry. After that you need to connect the wires to the light socket by using soldering iron. When it’s done, apply clear silicone inside the old bearing and then put the light socket inside and let it dry. In this case, I need to cut the light socket shorter, in order to fit into the old bearing, and some metal part of the light bulb will expose, you will need to cut the strip of black electrical tape warp around, so it will not look different.

Step 4: See the Details

After the wiring and glue dry. At this point you should turn it on, to see it light up. If everything work correctly. Now it’s time to attach the square clear acrylic that attach to the metal angle tube and bearing to the old electrical fuse box to it’s position by using the old screws. Make sure you twist just enough, not too tight. If too tight the clear acrylic will crack. Now you should hang on the wall.

Note: You also need dimmer outlet or switch in order to dim the light bulb, so that you be able to see the wires in Edison style light bulb.

Special Thank to: Mr. Noom

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