Introduction: RFD (Removabe Flash Drive) Wallet

I bought myself one of those metal clam-shell RFID wallets.  Good thing I got it cheap from Deal Extreme ( ), because it didn't really meet my expectations.  Just use keywords "aluminum wallet" and you'll find them in many styles for about $5 each.

Before I got around to returning it, I came up with an idea to put it to use: to keep my flash drives together in one case and organized.  Basically, I yanked off the accordion dividers, cleaned off the glue that kept the dividers inside as best as I could, and applied a strip of adhesive-backed velcro under one lid.  I cut the mating velco in smaller segments and stuck them on the back on the flash drives.  Under the other lid, I used Post-It notes to label the flash drives accordingly.  This way, when I open the case, the labels are aligned with the correct flash drives.  You can also use Dymo labels.

Now I can carry them around and find what I need "in a flash" anytime!