Introduction: RFID +Arduino + Android

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In this project I will show you how to get the data from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) module to an Android smartphone, you can use it to look inside the process of scanning the RFID tag, as it can be irritating to know if the card is being properly read or not if there is no display showing the details.

Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Things Needed

These are the things you need and link to the products --

1.) RFID Reader

2.) RFID Tags

3.) Arduino

4.) An Android Phone

5.) Jumper Wires

6.) HC-06 Bluetooth Module

Step 2: Build

The RFID module must be connected to Arduino in a way to enable SPI interface between the two hence, the wiring is more complicated than what we usually do in interfaces like I2C but, we make this tradeoff because of the requirement of high-speed communication between the microcontroller i.e Arduino and RFID module.

This is the following way you connect the module to Arduino --

SDA------------------------Digital 10
SCK------------------------Digital 13

MOSI----------------------Digital 11

MISO----------------------Digital 12



RST------------------------Digital 9

3.3V------------------------3.3V (DO NOT CONNECT TO 5V)

Now, you need to download and install the MFRC522 library in Arduino IDE and upload the example "AccessConrol" to the Arduino. Once uploaded open the serial monitor to test and scan the tags.

If everything goes as mentioned, you're good to connect the Bluetooth Module HC-06 to the Arduino in according to the following configuration.

TX -- Rx

Rx -- Tx

Vcc -- 5V

Gnd -- Gnd

Step 3: Test

Now you just need to install the Serial monitor application on to your Android phone and connect it to the HC-06 module, once you have done it, you will see the output from the RFID module when you scan the RFID tags.

If you want to see how the project actually works I would recommend you to watch the video tutorial for this project attached in the intro.

Thank you for reading this far !!