Introduction: RFID Based Smart Authentication System [Intel IoT]

Short overview of project:

This project is all about Authentication system and to made automation. This smart project deals with 3 things:

1. Laptop authentication

2. Library management

3. Asset control

What it does and how?

In this smart RFID based project we cover most of the pain area in corporate world.

Case 1: There are users who carry there laptop and the basic way to validate them was to check the serial number manually. In most of the time security person check the laptop serial number on employee card and matches the number with the asset Id on the back side of the laptop. To avoid this kind of problem RFID is the best solution for to track it. UHF Passive RFID with high end antenna will solve the over head of checking number manually.

Case 2: Library is the other pain area to keep tract of the books or issuing/returning any book. Both problem can be solved with RFID Reader.

Case 3: Keep track of asset is very easy by RFID. This will help in managing and provide security of all the assets.

Step 1: Hardware Required – Sensors, Extension Boards and Any Other Accessories:

  1. Edison Board
  2. RFID Reader and Writer
  3. Tags or Keys
  4. RS232 or Serial 2 USB connector

Step 2: Connection:

  • Software required for this project: Arduino IDE, Visual studio Environment, XAMMP..
  • Using Arduino IDE you need to add code for RFID. Please refer the attached Edison +
  • Run XAMMP and build the script shared on attached Edison +
  • Build and RUN the attached Edison + on Visual studio environment.
  • Check the video for mode details.

Step 3: Software Code and How to Use It ??

Please refer Edison + for code.

Video link to showcase how project background:

Please check the attached video for mode details.