Introduction: RFID Deer Detector Driver Notification System

We are the Harborfields Library Lego Minions, an FLL team. The 2016 to 2017 theme was animal allies, which is improving relationships between humans and animals. Our problem for the project was deer are over populating Long Island and cars are hitting them. Our solution was to build an RFID reader to go in a car so when a car senses a RFID chipped deer, it would notify the driver so the driver could stop and avoid the deer. This is just a fun project that cannot be used in real life because deer are not chipped with active RFID tags.

Note: The blue box in the picture is supposed to represent a car dashboard.

Step 1: Materials


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. RFID reader:
  3. 5v lights or LED strips
  4. 10 jumper cables from the RFID reader to the Arduino Uno
  5. Soldering iron and solder

Step 2: Putting the RFID Reader Together

Pin on RFID reader Pin on Arduino Uno

VCC -- 3.3v

RST -- Digital Pin 9


MISO -- Digital Pin 12

MOSI -- Digital Pin 11

SCK -- Digital Pin 13

NSS -- Digital Pin 10

IRQ -- Not plugged in

Step 3: Assembling the LEDs

Take the positive and negative end of the wires and solder a pin header on to them. Then plug the negatine end into ground and the positive end into pin 5

Step 4: Assembling the Code

The website where we got the library and most of the code is here:

One reason why we like this project is because you can use the library and sample program to perform many functions. It is the simplest RFID library we found for the reader we chose.

Happy Building!