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Introduction: RFID Gum Prank

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A few days ago my friemdnand I were talking about rfid chips, ya I know tipical teenage coversation, but he was explaining to me how they work and I found that wih an rfid chip and a magnet you can make any stores burglar alarms go off. Why does this work? well almost evrything you buy has an rfid chip in it whether you like it or not and by the doors there are rfid sensors that sense the chips, the reason these chips dont go off after you purchase the product is bexause they are disabled at the regester, but mby using a strong magnet you xan re enabled the chip. I would not plant this on someone for more than a day because, one its evil and two the stores could get suspicious, so use this prank sparingly.

Step 1: What You Need

-An rfid chip (these can usually be found in dvd boxes)
-A strong magnet (you can get these out of hard drives)
- A pack of gum

Step 2: Removing Thr RFID Chip

Once tou find one they are fairly easy to remove. you are going to want to use an xacto knife or your fingernail to pull the chip off the case, as you do this make sure you dont bend the chip because it will get ruined.

Step 3: Preparing the Chip

For this you will need a strong rare earth magnet for this to work. Now take the magnet and rub it back and forth along the chip for a bout a minute. Now your chip is ready to go but you will need some way to disguise the chip.

Step 4: Disguising the Chip

The easiest way to disguise the chip is to put it into a pack of gum. To do this you need a gum rapper, use the gum rapper to rap the chip and place it back in the pack then you can place it in your subjects bag or purse.

Step 5: Finished

Now who ever you choose to pull this prank on make sure you take the pack of gum out after a day bexause the stores your subject visits might get suspicious. So have fun with this prank and and feel free to check out my other projects.

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    9 years ago

    You should put this on the April fools contest :D I'll vote !


    Reply 9 years ago

    ya I entered it, I think it takes about a day to get accepted