Introduction: RFID: the REAL Story

So, you're wondering about RFID you say? You've read things about its goods and bads, and supposed "facts". Well, I'd like to tell you the REAL story on RFID, not just a bunch of misinformed mumbo-jumbo. If you are one of the people spreading misinformation about RFID, please read along, and share with your friends what you find. But please know, that I am only stating not only FACTS, but also my own opinion on RFID. Everyone has their own thoughts, and i respect yours, so please respect mine.

Step 1: What Is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. Its a small coil/chip that can come in packages from tags, to small circles, even down to an 8x12mm chip. RFID chips are identified and read by a reciever, which then does whatever it's supposed to do when it reads that particular chip. It would be like me handing you a piece of paper with a 16-digit number on it, and noone has that same number. Very similar to a social security card.

Step 2: Myth 1: RFID Chips Can Be Tracked From Across the Room!!!!

Many RFID conspiracy theorists will tell you that an RFID chip can be read from across the room. This is true, however, they fail to mention that these are active RFID chips. Active RFID chips are similar to passive(the common kind), except that they require a battery, and are therefor much larger than passive chips.

Step 3: Myth 2: RFID Chips Will Contain All of Your Personal Information!!!

While it's true, RFID chips do store information, as I stated earlier, the only information they store is the particular identification number for that chip. So no, I'm sorry conspiracy theorists, RFID chips don't contain your financial and medical records for everyone to see.

Step 4: Myth 3: They Will Control Your Mind!!!

Hahahahaha!! This has to be one that makes me laugh the most. First of all, someone would have to figure out how to control someone's mind period. Then, for it to be practical, they would have to make it VERY small. And finally, it would have to be connected, at least, to your nervous system to have access to your brain. By the time that happens, there will be technology more advanced than RFID, at which point, I would probably start to get worried. But until then, I'm fine. "But you forgot to mention that your brain can be changed via waves of sound or energy!!!" says the conspiracy theorist living in a van down by the river(Chris Farley reference). Yes, your brain can be SLIGHTLY altered by changing your brainwaves with sound. And I will also admit that you could possibly get a clock, and another chip to fit on something small enough to fit ina needle to inject in someone in the next 10 years, but modifying brainwaves currently only works to a very dull effect; such as changing your mood(i.e. High, happy, mad, relaxed, etc.).

Well, thats really I've got for the moment. I do encourage anyone with any other facts(or myths) about RFID to say so in the comments. Ever notice how conspiracy theorists never show their sources? Please, show me your "proof" than any of these myths is true