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Introduction: RFID Timeline

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This project is about turning digital content in to physical content.

The base idea for this project began at organizing an exhibition with the focus on AR and RFID technology.
collaboration led to an idea were digital content would be in de palm of your hand!

It works like this you will take a card at interest an place it at the reader part at the front of the installation, a beamer (that we could not take apart and build in to the installation) will show you images or movies about the specific project. 

Because of the scale of the project, though it was realized within a time span of 4 weeks I will only be covering the production of the installation. I will show the use of high end fabrication tools such as cnc milling, laser cutting and engraving. I give you an inside of  which parts were used for the the rfid technology along the arduino micro controller and led lights. I will not show the programming of this project that was done with max msp.

Fabrication tools used for this project:

-Epilog mini 24 Laser cutter
-Medium size CNC Router
-Wood & metal workshop

Components used:

-Arduino rfid reader 
-rfid tags
-Arduino micro controller
-Led lights
-15 inch MacBook Pro

This project was a collaboration with:

Joachim Rotteveel
Melissa Coleman
Wim van Eck
Diederik Voortman
Marcel Kerkmans

Hope you enjoy

Kind regards 

Marcel Kerkmans

Sorry for the bad quality vid!!

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