Introduction: RFID Door Lock With Arduino

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Basically this project is all about how to make your house,office place and even your personal lockers.This projects makes you understand arduino with RFID and how are the connected together .

So lets get started

Step 1: Things Required

  1. Arduino uno R3
  2. RFID reader RC522
  3. RFID cards
  4. Plunger
  5. relay
  6. Jumper wires
  7. Battery 9 Volts

Step 2: Connecting RFID

ARDUINO to RFID reader

pin 11 to MISO

pin 12 to MOSI

pin 13 to SCK

pin 10 to NSS

pin 9 to RST

These were the connection from Arduino to RFID reader

Step 3: Relay

As we are using a plunger it requires 9 volts to work and as we all know an Arduino uno only has max 5 volts . In this case we will then use a relay so we can make it work too.We are using the plunger as a lock .So here is the connections for it :

Arduino to Relay

pin 4 to pin S

5 Volts to pin +

Ground to pin -

Now comes the power in and power out switch

Power in switch should be connected with the battery and power out one with the plunger and connect one of the plunger wire direct with the battery.

Step 4: Code

This is the link for the code

uplode the code to arduino and enjoy having an rfid code thanks