RFduino GE G35 Christmas Lights




Introduction: RFduino GE G35 Christmas Lights

Using an RFduino (www.RFduino.com) with GE G35 Arduino Library to control a string a GE G35 Christmas lights! See the attached Arduino sketch and library.

Make sure to downloaded the latest RFduino distribution from Github ( https://github.com/RFduino/RFduino), this is a MUST.  For this example we are using the G35 library by Paul Martis (http://www.digitalmisery.com) with a couple modifications.

-Modified the G35String.cpp :
changed the DELAYEND from 40 to 30

-Modified the G35.cpp:
added while (RFduinoBLE.radioActive) functions to various set color functions. This is a new function made available in the latest RFduino distribution which allows us to wait while the BLE radio is active. This is necessary with longer LED strings otherwise when the radio turns on it takes priority over the CPU resources and that can causing timing issues with the LED data line.

Install G35 library (attached below) in your RFduino library folder. In the attached examples we are using GPIO 6 as our Data line, just simply attach the ground and data lines from the RFduino to your GE G35 lights as shown in the video and you should be good to go. Visit www.RFduino.com for more info :)

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    3 years ago

    Tried to add Philips illuminate christmas lights to my working solution for GE G35, but all I get are blue lights. Wondering if anyone understands the Philips Illuminate led control and why it would be different? Especially, since I can't buy the GE G35 led light strings anymore.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    OK Nice!

    I'll check the LINK but does this work with the newer GE iTwinkle G35's as well as the classic G35 color effects bulbs? I'm looking to customize the Pie Tin Christmas Tree Instructable.