Introduction: RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Using Arduino Nano and Attiny85

The RG Unicorn Gundam is finally done. Personally, many ideaes and concepts have introduced and proven but however, the actual result is not really satistified. This would because of the stability of additional structure on 1/144 model is not as good as imagined. The skill still needs improvement. Keep it up.

Main Features :

  • 13 x mode RGB light effect and transformation sound effect

Other Sound/Light effect including :

  • Eye, Head, Shoulders and Vulcan Gun
  • Overall rocket jet units
  • Cockpit
  • Weapon, Shield and Fire effect

ATtiny85 are configured in I2C Slave mode and controlled by Arduino Nano

Parts Used

  • 0402 White LED x 27
  • WS2812B x 51
  • RGB LED x 14
  • ATtiny85 x 8
  • Arduino Nano x 1
  • DFPlayer x 1
  • IR Receiver x 1

Step 1: Build of ​Shield LED Effect

Controlled by Attiny85 and RGB LEDs.

12 x modes of LED effect

Video Demo

Step 2: Build of Beam Magnum

The attach/deachable e-Pac unit of Beam Magnum is a very detail modelling design of RG Unicorn Gundam. In order to response to this, I add some more more gimmicks with maintain this feature

  • e-Pac - Attiny85
  • Trigger - Micro-switch
  • Gun Shot - 2020 package WS2812B x 1
  • Aim - 0402 package RGB LED x 2
  • Cosmetic effect - 0402 package White LED x 4

Power Source is provided from Palm, the both units is connected by strong magnets

Video Demo

Step 3: Build of Beam Saber

With making use of Palm Power Source design, the Beam Saber is lighted by single LED. Power Source is provided from Palm, the both units is connected by strong magnets. Feel like Thor.🤣

Video Demo

Step 4: Build of Head and Chest

Light effect on RG Unicorn Gundam Head and Chest, mainly on Camera, Eyes, Vulcan Gun and Psycho Frame.

Mainly use of RGB LED and controlled by Attiny85 x 2

Video Demo

Step 5: Build of Cockpit

The original cockpit of the RG Unicorn Gundam is really not good but there is very less space to rebuild.

OK, cockpit part is build by small piece of plastic plates. However, the front panel seems too small and the finally version look better now.

Pilot is modified by reposition the hands, waist and legs of an architecture model. In fact the figure look stronger than Banagher Links.

One WS2812B is installed at the top of cockpit for light effect on system startup and shutdown which will implement in future.

Step 6: Build of Forearm Beam Saber

Forearm consists of white LED and its join is rebuild by copper tube. A copper bar is also use for power source.

Two WS2812B are installed at the forearm and connected to chest by daisy chain for the overall LED effect which has been demo in presious post.

Palm as power source for connect to detachable Beam Saber and Beam Magnum.

Video Demo

Step 7: Sound Effect

Same as before, using DFPlayer as mp3 Sound Effect player. Add back progress for Left Hand, upper chest just left backpack to be completed. Keep going

Video Demo

Step 8: Build of Bazooka

Main elements in here :

  • 6 x LEDs for the expendable bazooka length indicator.
  • 4 x LEDs for fire effect
  • 2 x LEDs for Aim indicator
  • 1 x LED for front indicator
  • Microswitch for fire trigger
  • Connectors to Unicorn Gundam power source and control

Build Process

  • 1,5. Bazooka Fire Effect - Build 4 x 2020 package WS2812B addressable fullcolor RGB LED - Solder wires in square shape with size similar to muzzle - Fire effect by circular light
  • 2,3,8,10,11. Length indicator slider connector - It is a moveable part, built by string and strengthen by metal wire - Length detected by the position of slider connector at the group of resistors - Length connector resistance detected by Attiny85 analogy input - 10 is the detail view of 6 x addressable fullcolor RGB LEDs - The LED are connected by daisy chain - Some light effect when the sider move from RED to GREEN
  • 4,6. Connector - A 3 ways connector to Unicorn Gundam Backpack for power source and fire trigger control - Backpack connector detail
  • 7. Bazooka Handle connector - Built by flex cable as it is a movable part - Connect to palm for power source and trigger control
  • 9. Front indicator - Built by 0402 LED

Video Demo#1

Video Demo#2

Step 9: Build of Base Unit, Backpack and Legs

Making of Base unit, Backpack and Legs.

The base unit consists of Arduino Nano, DFPlayer. A InfraRed receiver is used for remote control.

Arduino mainly used as Master unit and control the Attiny85 in Slave mode by I2C

Step 10: Design

Distribution of LEDs is as show in the diagram

Circuit Diagram (partial) and Pin layout also provided

Video Playlist

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