Introduction: RG LED Tic Tac Toe

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RG Tic Tac Toe is a classical game can be made in diverse versions. But, I decided to build it with common cathode RG LEDs of 5mm as monitor of results so that once manipulated the respective switch, the LED shows the result in color red or green instead of cross or circle.

Step 1: List of Materials

1 PCB of 5cm X 7cm

1 Battery holder for 2032

1 Battery 2032

9 5mm Common cathode RG LEDs

9 Jameco LED Mounting Hardware LowPro T1-3/4 Clear

9 DIP Mount Dual Row 4 Pins 2 Positions Sliding Switch 2.54mm Pitch Red

1 Resistor of 43 Ohm

Step 2: Schematic

Follow carefully the diagram.

Step 3: ​Install the LEDs

Install the LEDs by orienting their red light toward the same side; for example, the left side. Then, green side will be manipulated with the switch of the right side. Once done the previous step, solder all common cathodes of each LED each other.

Step 4: ​Install the DIP Dual Row 4 Pins 2 Positions Sliding Switch Red

Install the DIP Switches by inserting their pins and folding them for later soldering.

Step 5: ​Solder the Switches

Select up or down pin of each switch for being connected each other toward the common positive of this circuit. After carrying out the prior activity, you can solder the connections mentioned and leave free a unique wire reserved like positive power supply.

Step 6: ​Connecting the LEDs With the Switches

Be careful, now you are going to connect to each side of each switch the respective connection for each LED. That is, the red one to the left side while the green one to the right side. You can use any color of wire, but you would better control if you use the color of LED what you want to control.

Step 7: ​Connecting the Resistor

Retaking the common cathode connection done with the LEDs, connect, in that point, the resistor of 43 Ohm while in the other terminal of the resistor, connect the negative of the battery holder. Remember that positive battery holder should be connected to the unique wire reserved in step 3.

Step 8: Installing the LEDs Mounting Hardware LowPro T1-3/4 Clear

Install the LEDs mounting hardware lowpro T1-3/4 clear so that Ds mounting hardware lowpro T1-3/4 clear so that you can friendly observe the results when manipulate the project.

Step 9: ​Completing the Project

Once completed the project, do the probes before saying it’s done.