Introduction: RGB Bluetooth Chandelier

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Hello Everybody,

In this instructable you are gonna enjoy the making of chandelier, chandelier means not the classic i.e., one with candles, enormous in size , if enormous of course heavy .. so on.. here i have a new concept of combining RGB LED in chandelier (so.. so..) along with Bluetooth speaker. Why i have combined all these weird combinations. kindly read below

Step 1: Components

Electronic components

  • 230v - 12 V Adaptor
  • 5v regulator LM 7805
  • Bluetooth circuit board (I bought the one which has default pendrive slot)
  • RGB Led Strip with control box and remote for colour changing (they came as package)
  • 3W Speaker
  • Soldering gun
  • Lead, flux, connecting wires

Wood components

  • Wooden box (without top portion) of size - 15" x 12"
  • Wood primer
  • Wood stain - walnut colour
  • Wood polish
  • Brush
  • Plywood - 15" x 12"
  • Wall screw - 1/2"
  • Nails
  • Driller with drills bit (8mm, 4mm, 5mm)
  • Wood flakes
  • Hammer


  • Acrylic crystals
  • Rings
  • copper wire
  • Insulation tape
  • Silver sheet
  • Fevicol

All the above components have been purchased in local store, hence i have not provided link to online purchase...

Step 2: Circuit Connection

  • In India our input supply is 230v, Hence 230v adaptor to convert 12v Dc, which the input for LED and Bluetooth circuit. These two connections are taken parallel so both input is 12v
  • Here 5V is requires for Bluetooth, LM7805 is connected to regulate 12v to 5v
  • From bluetooth circuit board it goes to 3W speaker
  • 1st parallel connection12 V is given to RGB control box circuit

Step 3: Wood Compartment

1) Initially i planned for square box, but unfortunately i couldn't get one. Also i have no idea about carpentry, so my only choice is to buy a standard size available .All i got is rectangular one.

2) Marked holes to be put for speaker, used 2mm drill bit to drill it.

3) Marked the centre this is where our AC supply enters the system.

4) Once done with all the drilling, add primer to your wood surface, let it dry. store keeper told that procedure is to put primer, stain (optional), wood polish or varish. same i have followed.

Step 4: Plywood Cover

1) This will be our bottom portion of the box, hence drill slots for pen drive , LED IR sensor and for hangings, Used 2mm drill bit for above mentioned, drilled 4mm hole for fixing it with nail to top portion

2) Everybody knows lights reflect in white or shiny surface. Inorder to enhance my LED clarity, I have added silver sheet

3) Glued them using fevicol

4) Now take a tooth pick for poking the hole. This is the fun part be gentle, you don't want to tear it off

Step 5: Imagination in Paper

1) I wanted to give a good design, hence i have drawn my thoughts

2) Finalised with 3 designs later.

3) Then Picked design 2

4) I don't know 3D design, but i know 2D so designed the basic in AutoCAD 2D (licensed version)

Step 6: Provision for Crystal

1) I used flexible copper wire 10 cm in size, you can use any flexible wire

2) Inserted it, and separated them in opposite direction and provided insulation tape, Cello tape with not be strong enough to hold it on wood surface.

3) Carefully curved the pendrive slot

Step 7: Crystals

1) Design two have crystal arrangement in ascending order, for first layer

2) For second it is opposite, Like wise for 3rd order

3) Each crystal will have two holes, ring are inserted to connect one crystal will another, this gives easy movement for crystal to and fro motion

4) This took about half a day to finish, almost 360 crystals , such a tedious one, but result was worth it

Step 8: Fixing and Testing

1) Had lot in mind about fixing the component in more good way, At the 11th hour , i had no other option but to hot glue them

2) After fixing them, tested after two to three attempts there were working fine.

3) Two to three attempts to get output is due to improper soldering, which i fixed later and then it was working

Step 9: Kindly Watch the Video

In my introduction, i have mentioned i'll write down why these three weird combination, now i'll explain why,

first i'm little attracted to chandelier, coz they are all unique in there own way, RGB for different colour rather than old fashioned yellow or white chandelier.. finally our guest of honour blue tooth speaker, there will be lot of occasions in different country , different culture.. Enjoy your songs with your suitable mood lightings.. celebrate your kids birthday, play the happy birthday song while he/she is cutting and mesmerise your guest by the loud volume coming from chandelier.

Home alone ??, Play your favourite song and start dancing

Step 10: Thank You

Thank you for having patience to read my instructable. Please feel free to comment your valuable thoughts to improvise the new idea.

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