Introduction: RGB Controller for Motorcycle

Today I will show you how to create your own RGB led controller for your own bike.

!!CAUTION!! In some countries the modification of the lights on your bike is illegal, so check if it's legal before you do this.

Step 1: Gather All the Components

A Motorcycle

RGB led strip (as much as you want)

Motor electric diagram

Motor accu specs

Voltage regulator 12v naar 5v LM2596S (Veiligheid)

N-channel mosfet IRF520 x9

Spanningsdeler x4

18k resistor 4x

13k resistor 4x

Diode 4x

Multiplexer CD4052BCN x2

A solder board

Step 2: Place All Components

Check the diagram that I have added and place all of the components on the right place.

Then place them on a breadboard.

Make sure that you never put the 12v on any lead that can go to your arduino.

Step 3: Test Dry

Before you go further, test your setup with the following code.

This is where you can find the basic code:

Step 4: Assemble Everything

Take all of the components off your breadboard and solder them on to your solder board.

Again make sure that all your connections are right.

Step 5: Check Your Motorcycle

Now you need to check your motorcycle for the placement of the input for the controller.

If you want to use your indicators or your brake find them and apply them to your Arduino.

I will be using the RPM.

Step 6: Write the Code

The basic code that you took can be edited now for your purpose.

Step 7: Apply on Motorcycle

Now that you know everything works, and you know where to connect to the motorcycle apply it.

Step 8: Result

At the end this will be the result.

The led strips will react to the rpm that your motorcycle make.

Have fun.