Introduction: RGB Headphone Stand

In this instructable i am going to be showing you how i made this RGB headphone stand for a school project.

Step 1: Things You Need.

tools you need for this project:

- a lasecutter
- a soldering iron

materials you need:

- 3mm thick plywood

- 3mm thick acrylic

- epoxy glue

- a ledstip with controller

Step 2: Lasercutting the Plywood

to lasercut the plywood you need to download the pdf files i have included in this instructable.

the main body is cut out on 3mm plywood. the 'living edge' is cut out of 3mm acrylic sheet and wil later be bent over te main body so de leds can shine though.

if everything went wel everything should fit like seen on the picture. and the living edge should be able to bend prety freely.

i already gave the plywood a paintjob as seen on the picture. (optional)

Step 3: Assembly

to glue the living edge to the plywood i used epoxy. and lots of clamps.

i started by glueing the front pice on.

after that i stuck the ledstrip en and the controller to the inside of the plywood.

make sure to test if the leds still work before you glue the backpice on.

Step 4: Done