Introduction: RGB-IFY Your Desktop Computer!

Things we need for this project:

5 volt 1 meter rgb led strip with remote (can be bought here)

this project will take ~15 minutes of your time :)

Step 1: The Led Strip

You can cut your led strip to the size you desire (cut on the marked pieces of the led strip)

Step 2: Install the Led Strip

The led strip has tape which you could use to make the strip stick to almost anything.
After you removed the protection on the tape you can install it in your pc case ( I would suggest you putting the led strip in the upper part of your pc for the best results)

Step 3: Connect the Controller to the Led Strip

Use the pointers (arrows) on both the rgb strip and the controller to make sure your leds will work properly

Step 4: Connect the Usb Cable to Your Pc (for Power)

(you dont have to connect the usb cable to your pc, as long as you connect it with something that can deliver power to the led strip)

Step 5: Results

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