Introduction: RGB LED Project : Simple Display Box

Make a simple display box!

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Step 1: Prepare the Necessary Material

Prepare the necessary material :


2. 5 Jumper wires

3. Arduino Uno R3

4. Breadboard

5. 3 Resistance

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Set the LED RGB where you want to put on the breadboard. Connect the wires to GND on the Arduino and the negative on the breadboard.

Step 3: Connect to RGB LED

The RGB LED has a cathode at its second leg, so we can use another wire to connect with them.

Add three resistances for three LED pins. (Each pin is for red, green, blue light)

Add three wires in each pin on RGB LED to connect to a different pin on Arduino. (9, 10, 11)

Step 4: Enter the Code

void setup()
{ pinMode(11, OUTPUT); pinMode(10, OUTPUT); pinMode(9, OUTPUT); }

void loop() { analogWrite(11, 255); analogWrite(10, 0); analogWrite(9, 0); delay(1050); //改 Wait for 1050 millisecond(s) analogWrite(11, 255); analogWrite(10, 255); analogWrite(9, 102); delay(1050); // 改Wait for 1050 millisecond(s) }

Step 5: Arduino Code

Step 6:

Make some decorations.