RGB Lamp Using Arduino

Introduction: RGB Lamp Using Arduino

About: Hello World!

Hi! In this tutorial you will learn to make a mood lamp with arduino.I know that you may have seen a lot of mood lamp projects with arduino, but I wasn't very satisfied with them because they all change the color very abruptly. So, I decided to make a smooth mood lamp

Step 1: Materials Required

Step 2: Assembly

Step 3: The Code

The Code Is On GitHub==) Click Here

Step 4: Enjoy !!

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    4 Discussions

    Tinker Man Mick
    Tinker Man Mick

    1 year ago

    Nice idea to diffuse the light. Will give it a go as it looks quite flexible.
    I use the inside layer of diffusion paper from broken lcd screens from phones and tablets as i have access to them in excess.
    Results look amazing!