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Introduction: RGB Music Reactive Lamp

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RGB Music Reactive Lamp is an RGB LED Lamp that reacts to sound and change colours with a remote controller. It picking up the ambient sound to react to the music/noise from the speaker. Enhance your gaming, movie, and musical experiences.

I use Bluetooth Circuit, Speaker and RGB LED Strip with Music reactive controller as all these components available in my workshop so there no need to buy or make a circuit for it. I want to make it simple and easy so everyone can make this project.

There is no "Hardware" limitation to make this project, you use can use any Type of LED Strip or controller. There are many Hardware options available for eg. WiFi control - ESP8266 for NeoLED Strip control i.e. WLED interface and you can make your own circuit of music reactive. Also you can use battery to power it.

Designed in Fusion360 and also I provided the Fusion360 file so that you can edit it according to your requirement.


  1. RGB LED strip with Power adapter
  2. 3D printed Parts
  3. 12v DC Female Jack
  4. Bluetooth music circuit
  5. Music reactive LED Strip Controller
  6. Screw- 2mm X 8mm (nos. 4 )
  7. Speaker 4watt (diameter= 5cm)
  8. Wires

Step 1: Design in Fusion360 and Download Fusion360 Design File (Version:2 Lamp)

If you want make same as this Lamp then go for this Version:2 or Edit Fusion360 File according to needs.

Step 2: 3D Printed Parts Version:2 Lamp

  1. 3D print all parts.
  2. LED Diffuser Cylinder(Top and Bottom STL file) [Setting: 10% infill with transparent filament ].

Step 3: Design in Fusion360 (Optional -Version:1)

Noted: If you want no speaker then use this Version:1

Step 4: Join Top and Bottom Parts of LED Diffuser

Use superglue to join them.

Step 5: Join Both LED Base

Step 6: Paint

Paints some parts to look good.

Step 7: Stick RGB LED Strip on LED Base on Both Side (Continue Strip)

Noted: Do not cut individual LED strip for both sides, just use single continues round till back side.

Step 8: Insert Speaker on Main Body Front Side

Use superglue or hot glue gun to stick Speaker in place.

Step 9: Insert Speaker Front Lid to Hide Speaker

Print the Speaker Front lid that is given. I used old Speaker Front lid from old speaker. Download STL File of Speaker Front lid below.

Step 10: Insert LED Strip in LED Diffuser Cylinder

After inserting use some glue to stick it with inner part of diffuser.

Step 11: Insert DC Jack

Step 12: Wire Harness Bluetooth Module With Speaker and DC Jack

Do wiring according to your hardware or circuits. This is very simple wire harness so it is can be done without wiring diagram.

Step 13: Remove DC Jack From Circuit of LED Controller Circuit

  • Remove DC Jack From Circuit.
  • Solder (+)(-) to circuit.
  • Than Solder wire to Main DC Jack.

Step 14: Connect LED Strip to Controller and Insert It in Main Body

Step 15: Insert LED Strip Controller and Complete All Wire Harness

In Front hole is for IR LED of controller.

Step 16: Close Bake Lid With Screw

Step 17: Final Look!!

"Hope you Enjoy to make this project"

If any question about this project just let me know in comment box!!??

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