I'm here with a nice project to take advantage of unnecessary palettes. In this project, I will make a wall decoration with RGB using only a saw.


  • Old Pallet
  • Handsaw
  • Glue
  • Varnish
  • About 1.3 meter RGB LED
  • IR LED Controller

Step 1: Pallet Cutting

First, we will cut certain dimensions from the pallets. ( 3 big parts 12x40, 5 little parts 6x20) Then we will sand these parts.

Step 2: Assembling Parts

First, we combine two small parts to form the main body. Then we fix it with two screws. We stick one small piece on the back of each big piece and screw it. Finally, we fix the large parts to the main body.

Step 3: Varnishing and LED Binding

We varnish the entire surface. Then we stick the rgb led around the small parts. We solder the LEDs to each other and connect them to a receiver controller. Finally, we hang it on the wall and give the controller voltage and start it