Introduction: RGB Led Egg

it is easter time and what could be better than a color changing egg so, i made one. im using the arduino uno.
i thought that the egg would diffuse or spread the light well and it did.
i am a beginner with electronics, programming and arduino so suggestion are welcome   

Step 1: Stuff

this project is pretty cost efficient.
all you need is:
a rgb led or three separate leds(red, green, and blue)
3 100 ohm resistors
an egg
something to make a hole into the egg 
an arduino uno or similar
solder and soldering iron

Step 2: Put a Hole in the Egg and Clean It Out

take your egg and make a hole at the bottom
make it bigger than than your led

Step 3: Place Led Into Egg and Seal

place led into the hole and seal with caulking or hot glue
get as much of leads to show and label which lead is which color and which is the ground

Step 4: Solder Wires to Leads and Plug In

solder solid wire to leads to make it easier to plug into the arduino
then solder the red lead to slot 11, the blue lead to slot 10, the green lead to slot 9, and the ground lead to one of the GND

Step 5: Program the Board

use one of the source codes below to
program the arduino i suggest messing around with the colors
green and purple are my favorite colors but you can choose your favorites
look up  your  favorite colors on paint (or its equivalent on linux or mac) 
and copy  the number for red onto for(r = the last number for this; r  (< or >) the number you want to put in; r (++ or --)
and do the same for green and blue
for(r = 0; r < 132; r ++){
analogWrite(red, r);
for(g = 0; g < 29; g ++){
analogWrite(green, g);
for(b = 0; b < 175; b ++){
analogWrite(blue, b);
and the same for lowering the intensity but instead of ++, use --

Step 6: Enjoy and Please Vote

enjoy your new colorful egg
add colors if you want or make a string of leds
if you liked this instructable, please vote during the voting stage of the egg - bot challenge

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