Introduction: RMACR V.1 (Red's Mini - Adaptive Combat Rifle) (Internal Pics)

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Hey guys. Well, I have been inactive for what seems to me to have been quite a long time, but here I am again, bringing you the RMACR. It is a smaller combined version of my ISSC MK22 RR, my Magpul Masada ACR, and Blue Mullet 2'sSIG552. It takes the same rail system from BlackShadow12's SWAT 556/my two guns above, and has at totally new (at least to me) mechanism. The gun itself kinda looks like a Micro Galil / AK-47u, but was not modeled after those guns.

I was originally going for a SIG551-A1, but my version looked too much like Blue Mullet 2's. It has tactical rails, is open to MANY different mods, and is THE most fantastic gun I have ever built. This gun rivals any, if not all, "simple pin" guns. This gun beats the S1, which as many know, is a great bolt action. I do not say this to brag, but it is just how I have found it. Lets move on the the Pros and Cons.

Shoots over 50 ft. with two bands (size 117, and a 32 thick)
Has tactical rails on top, sides, and bottom
Totally open to ALL mods
Looks great (IMO)
Sights work
VERY accurate
16 rd. mag
Not too piece consuming
Sights are simple
Not too heavy
Fires even will suppressor
Shoots rod-connecter ammo (dark grey connecter attached to a green rod, or you can just shoot white rods)

Mag requires tape
Stock is not mine

Well, there you have it. Enjoy! BTW, I would be VERY, VERY happy if you left your opinions here. Tell me what you think about this, also.

-The Red Book of Westmarch-