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ROAM (Rotary Outdoor Automated Mech) is a multi use platform for performing yard work. By acting as a platform that uses multiple tools rather than being a single use device, ROAM reduces the resources used in production and the cost of having multiple robots.

The idea behind ROAM is simple. All of the implements that it uses are rotary tools. This allows it to easily take on tasks such as mowing, raking, snow-removal, rototilling, and sweeping. Other tools could be designed to use the mechanism, and ROAM could also serve as a base for a more precise tool such as a multi-axis robotic arm to perform more complex tasks.

ROAM is designed to return to a base to recharge and swap tools by itself. It is connected via WiFi, which allows it to open garage doors and for the user to set routine tasks and direct the robot to perform additional work when required.

The ultimate goal of ROAM is not only to make yard work simpler by automatically taking care of routine work, but also to make your home safer. By removing snow before anyone leaves in the morning, the risk of slips and falls is greatly reduced. By removing the human-element from tasks like rototilling, snowblowing and mowing, where large, sharp implements are moved at high speed, ROAM reduces the risk of injuries caused by equipment or operator error.

I unfortunately ran out of time to complete my design in Fusion 360, so my design has been uploaded as a Rhino 5 file.

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