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This innovation comes from the hand movements that can controll a robot. In this project i use flex sensor and i am taking the flex sensor reading and putting this reading on to the intel edison. as a analog value and manipulating these values and used to move a robots. I made a simple four tyre robot controlled by Flex sensor.

Step 1: Requirenments

1. Intel edison

2. chesis

3. 4 X 100 RPM Motors

4.Flex sensors

5. L293D - Motor driver

6. Glove

7.Wire connectors

8. 12v Adapter

Step 2: Prepare a Glove With Flex Sensor

Flex sensor acts as a variable resistor, so we can make a potential divider circuit using that.

Take that potential divider readings as a analoginput and do this with all five fingers. After doing this see the value of analog read on your serial monitor and manipulate it according to the requirement. All the five fingers that we are using contains a flex sensor, We can attach it properly by proper stitching. Take the five readings connect it to the five analog pins.

Check the readings of the flex sensor using Arduino uno. you can see in this video given Down.

Step 3: Prepare the BOT

Now, First we have to prepare a Simple Manual Robot. which is having four motors and left two and right two are connected in parallel. so now we have four connection comming out from the motors. you can refer from this link : MANUAL ROBOT

We know that motors will work on 12v, so we need to connect the L293D with the bot to link the motors with Intel edison. You can see the schematic of the L293D in the pics given. for more information : MOTOR DRIVER.

Step 4: Code and Essemble

Code for the Hand written in arduino ide for the simplicity.. in this i used very simple commands like analogRead and digitalWrite and all. so everyone can easily understand the code. I just took the Analog reading of the consecutive finger and put that reading on to the motors..

Do the proper connection of the edison. mentioned in the code.


Step 5: Demostration

Video will be coming soon.....

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    7 years ago

    Amazing project!