Introduction: ROBOTRON

This project is about how to transform standard RC in something that could be controlled by Android cellphone via bluetooth communication.

Material: -10 V Battery 2000NiMH -8 Transistors IRLU014 (4/motor) -Arduino UNO board

-Bluetooth adapter XBee -Bluetooth Bee Shield -Resistors (4x280OHM,5OHM,5xLDR,5x2MOHM)

-Iron soldiering 25W -Hot glue pistol

Step 1:

By using iron soldering, I pierced 4 holes in front of the car for LEDs.

Step 2: Insert 4 LEDs Into the Socket

Each LED is connected to ground (-) and has 280 OHM resistance on (+).

Step 3: Overview With LEDs

The configuration with LEDs is designed to divide voltage and reduce number of amperes to motors. On the back of the car I glued platform for battery 10V Ni-MH 2000 mAh (I made it from plastic cards).

Step 4: Arduino Support

Next, I figured out how to fix arduino Uno board on top of the car, by piercing holes and put Q-tips rods in the sockets.

Step 5: Electronic Workbench Multisim Illustration

Instead to connect motors after 5 OHM, it's better to connect directly to the source. Because, the flow of current will heat resistor.

Step 6: Design for Line Following

This step is actually in process. Up to date, I used small plastic platform (card). I installed 5 LDRs and 5 resistors of 2M OHM. I have 5 Volts output from Arduino board and I can read voltage on input (LDR) by using analog read.

Step 7: Download BlueTerm Application

To access to bluetooth serial port you need to instal BlueTerm application. On your cellphone, choose <Settings> and than select <Search for Devices>. (Don't forget to connect Bluetooth shield to Arduino). If the device request a password, by default it's usually 1234.

Step 8: QuickTerm Application for Mac As HyperTerminal for Win

In settings, select 8bits, 1 stop bit, CTS/RTS, no parity, 9600 boud rate, max 19200, so be sure you have the same boud rate in Arduino program.

Step 9: Arduino Program

This part is essential to write your code down, compile and upload it to Arduino board. Be sure to select the right port and right board to upload your sketch.