Introduction: ROLLING WHEEL

The concept of this game is to recovered traditional children playing habits, where physical activity, human contact and comunication are the main pourposes. This game contributes to reduce infant obesity.

The desing is a Wheel that works in an open space, motivating children to use the neibourhood parks to have fun and use the spare time with creativity motivated by the light of the rolling wheel, generating a great physical activity that contributes to reduce and control infant obesity.

Step 1: Mold

What i did first was the mold, to give to the plastic the shape of the wheel.

Step 2: Circuit

the second step was the circuit (wiring) which is presented in the file. I put in a foam the mercury containers (a small ones), the battery, 4 small electric light bulbs, and the circuit with wiring. In this way, only when the mercury has contact with the circuit the light turns on, in this case the rolling wheel has to be vertical to turn on the lights.

Step 3: Plastic Parts

to finish I put the foam into the plastic parts, and I paste them with eter which is fantastic for plastic unions!

you can try different colours to have more fun.


When you put vertically your wheel lights in yellow an the game Start, you have 1 minute to rolling your disc after it lights in blue, and later in green, when the disc lights in green you need to put it horizontally and later vertically to continue rolling, The person who wins is the one that advance more in a minute.

The disc turn off when in horizontally an start the game when is vertically and list to roll.

Step 5: Closing and Proving the Game