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Who says bathroom decor has to be boring & "classy?" This comically large ROLOS container turns a routine visit to the bathroom into a fantastical trip into Willy Wonka's factory. It is not only entertaining but functions as a unique toilet paper roll holder. No more empty roll bathroom blunders, when you can simply retrieve a golden wrapped roll of pillowy goodness. 

If you think this is the zing your bathroom is lacking then here's what you'll need:

6" X 24" vent pipe
2 end caps (one crimped, one top fitting)
Dark brown spray paint (be sure it is suitable for metal)
Gold spray paint
inkjet printer & paper
Clear contact paper
Your favorite T.P. of course. (I used mega rolls)
OPTIONAL: gold tissue paper, or plunger

1. Spray paint the pipe brown, & the 2 end caps gold and allow them to dry

2. Since the top fitting end will have a band of gold while the crimped end will fit inside, you need to create a gold band to match. To do this tape off approximately the same width & spray paint that portion of the pipe gold. 

3. Then using this ROLO WRAPPER image I sized & printed out the specifics I wanted to include on the wrapper. 
NOTE: Plan A. was to have a local business make a print with the right dimensions, but time & money changed my mind. Plan B. was to hand paint it all on, but once again time & money changed my mind. I think this is the fastest, and cheapest method to get the job done. 

4. Cut a piece of clear contact paper large enough to wrap around the pipe completely. 

5. Peel the backing away from the contact paper & lay out the printed pieces face down. 

6. Now wrap the contact sheet around the pipe & smooth out any air pockets or bubbles.

7. To fill your newly constructed container you can either:
     A. Wrap the rolls in golden tissue paper and stack them inside just like the REAL deal.
     B. Drop a plunger down the pipe & stack the rolls on top so you can easily retrieve the rolls by just lifting up on the handle. 

There you have it. A great way to bring a smile to an other wise dreaded event. 

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