A friend rented an apartment only to discover that there was a leaking sewage near the apartment's rear window. This brings in awful smell into the room whenever the window is opened for ventilation. While the Landlord foot-dragged to fix the leaking sewage, it became necessary to find a way to eliminate the smell while still ventilating the room.


1. Cooler box (15 x 12 x 12 inches)

2. 4'' PVC pipe cut out (about 6 inches long).

3. 4'' PVC pipe elbows (2 pieces)

4. 220v wall ventilator fan

5. Plastic basket and tray

6. A piece of corrugated aluminium roofing sheet (25 x 18 inches)

7. Electrical connecting wires and switch.

Step 1:

Got the cooler box, cut open a 4 inch hole under it at the middle and fix a 4 inch PVC pipe

Step 2:

Make a 12 inches hole on the cooler box cover and install the wall ventilator fan beneath. Install the cuboid-shaped basket followed by the plastic tray and the aluminium roofing sheet on top in that sequence. The roofing sheet is meant to protect the electrically powered fan from direct contact with rain water. The basket on its part ensures the fan has access to air in spite of the covering roof.

Step 3:

Assemble the items by simply covering the cooler box. Let out the fan supply wire. Then tighten long screws on both sides of the cooler box cover in such a way that the cooler box handles hooks to them and holds the box and its cover together.

Step 4:

I installed the device in the front part of the house, where there is always fresh and clean air. I used a flexible PVC pipe to connect straight into the room, air being blown out of the box by the fan. The clean air ventilates the room through and inlet PVC elbow pipe.

Step 5:

The room is now well ventilated from inside, pushing out the aweful smelling air. I made it!

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