Introduction: ROVERBOT

** This Instructable is under construction **

UPDATE: Roverbot electronics have been moved from a breadboard to a protoboard.  Battery has been mounted above the rear axle for better pick-up and turning ability.  Roverbot web interface queue has been added along with an admin page for absolute control over the bot during public showings.

Roverbot is a wireless web-enabled RC vehicle made from Truckbot parts.  

Roverbot Parts

Arduino Uno
Arduino Ethernet Sheild
Radio Shack RC Truck
IOGear 802.11n Wifi Adapter
2500mAh 8.4v NiMH Battery Pack
D-Link 932L Day/Night Wireless IP Camera
Ultrasonic Rangefinder

SN75441 Motor Driver (2x stacked+soldered)
Adjustable Voltage Regulator

Roverbot Web Interface 

Quad-Core 64bit PC running Ubuntu Server
Apache 2 w/ PHP back-end scripting

Basic Layout - COMING SOON
Electronics - COMING SOON
Arduino Programming - COMING SOON


Monkeypaws (Aaron) - Design Lead / Arduino Programming 
Soupmeister (Keith) - Senior Design Engineer / Web Coding / Testing
DanDare - Remote video stream hosting
AbstractBeliefs, and the fine folks in #arduino on Freenode IRC Network- Electronics Consulting


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