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RoyalTek REB-4216 is the GPS module . The module is powered by latest SiR Star IV GSD4e ROM chip & Royaltek proprietary navigation technology that provides you with stable and accurate navigation data. this module can be used in portable navigation system, personal locator, speed camera detector and vehicle locator.

In this instructables I'm going to show how to print the values of longitude & latitude to the Serial monitor using arduino.

Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Components You Need:

1. GPS Module (any gps module is compatible)

2. Arduino UNO (u can use clone or any other like uno)

3. 12v 1Aamp power supply for GPS

4. Arduino data Cable

5. Jumper wires

Step 2: Connections:

Connect TX of GPS to Pin 2 of Arduino.

Connect GND of GPS to GND of Arduino.

Connect power supply to GPS according to power requirement of GPS module.

(In my case I required 12v)

Connect Arduino to your PC.

Step 3: Uploading Code:

Include the TinyGPS library to ArduinoIDE.

Open ArduinoIDE>Go to Sketche> Include library > Select TinyGPS zip File.

Upload GPS_Royaltech.ino to Arduino.

Step 4: Final Output:

Connect power supply to GPS .

Wait for blue led to start blinking,

Open Serial monitor set baud rate 4800.