Introduction: RPS Bot

This is my first project for instructables. Hope you people love it.

This is an arduino project.

What you need :
Arduino ( I used arduino nano)
3x servo motor
Ultrasonic sensor

pcb board

Sticks (for arm)

Step 1: Circuit


vcc pin to ---------5V pin arduino

trig pin to --------- d6 pin arduino

echo pin to--------- d5 pin arduino

gnd pin to --------- gnd pin arduino


VCC to ------------5V arduino
gnd to _------------- gnd pin arduino

*Servo 1

signal pin to ----------- d2 pin arduino

*servo 2

signal pin to ----------- d3 pin arduino
*servo 3

signal pin to ----------- d4 pin arduino

// buzzer

gnd pin to ------- gnd pin arduino

vcc pin to -------- d8 pin arduino

// led

gnd pin to ------- gnd pin arduino

vcc pin to --------- d7 pin arduino

here is the fritzing file:-


Step 2: Base

Glue all the servo in the base. Also fix the circuit on the board. Make arm and fix on the servo. Draw the figure of hand and stick them on arm. You even can print them out.

Step 3: Code

here is the code for RPS:-