Introduction: RPS (Rock Paper Scissors) Robot

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (

For my project in Makecourse, I wanted to make something a little more creative so I decided to go with a hand that you can play rock, paper, scissors against. With this project, I used some custom 3D printed parts for the fingers, fishing line and elastic cord for the fingers to be able to bend, some servo motors, LEDs, an IR remote, and an Arduino. As a finishing touch, I added the glove to give it a slightly neater look.

Step 1: The Hardware

The picture shown is from an earlier design before I finished the project but it shows all of the components that will be needed and how they are wired into the breadboard (minus the 3 LEDs, but those are a simple add in).

The breadboard is used to connect all of the servos to their respective fingers as well as setting up the IR remote. Each servo needs its own digital pin as will as the receiver for the remote and the LEDs.

The 3D printed parts were created with holes on the inside of the fingers so that the fishing line can run through it. The fishing line is then connected to the servo so that when it is pulled, the finger will bend. To reopen the finger when the servo returns to the open position, the elastic cord is used on the backside of the fingers. It took some trial and error to be able to set it all up right so the fingers all bent the same and looked natural.

Once the code is uploaded, you can either use the USB plug in or an external battery can also be used.

Step 2: The Code

Attached is my commented code that was used for my project. As long as everything is connected to the right pins, everything should work perfectly!