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I have been making Halloween costumes for my brother for a few years now, and this years challenge was Rufio from the movie Hook.   Here you will find all the steps that went into creating this outfit, I hope you enjoy!


Supplies: Black faux leather, black canvas fabric, fusible interfacing, red fabric, black thread, black embroidery thread, sewing machine, wood beads, embroidery needle, scissors, iron, drill, vice, pins, colored pencil and paper.

I started out by watching the movie Hook and sketching out ideas of how the jacket should be constructed. Once I had a decent sketch and a good idea of how to make it, I set out on making a pattern.

Since this costume was made for my brother, I used him as a model and draped pieces of scrap fabric over him using pins to create the shape of the jacket.

Once the shape was achieved and all seams were marked, I transferred this design to a paper pattern.

I created a sample jacket for a test fit before I used any of my good fabric.

Once the fit was decided, I began cutting out the jacket pieces from the faux leather and sewing the seams together.

For the top shoulder piece, I used a base layer of black canvas and fusible interfacing to thicken it up. With my sewing machine I created a quilted pattern using straight stitches. I used a ruler and a white colored pencil to mark guides before each stitch to keep them straight and evenly spaced, then wiped off the colored pencil markings with a damp cloth.

I created the arm fringe by cutting out strips of fabric, folding over the edges and topstitching down. I used 52 pieces of fringe in total. I sewed each piece of fringe to the shoulder seam, alternating colors. I added the wood beads to the fringe, and knotted the fabric at the tips to keep the beads from falling off. I had to drill out a larger hole in each bead so the fringe would fit through the hole.

The back “tail” of the jacket is constructed of 2 pieces of faux leather for the front and back. I marked out the fringe strips with a ruler and white colored pencil. I used pins to keep the fabric in place while I topstitched the fabric together. Then used scissors to separate the pieces. Next I added the wood beads to the fringe which fit tightly and did not require a knot.

To complete the jacket, I added some hand-stitched details to the pocket openings and yoke seams. I used embroidery thread and an embroidery needle.


Supplies: Red wig, black color hair spray, scissors, razor blade, comb, foil, rubber-bands, binder clips, tape, a wig stand (I used a round pillow), plastic bag.

I started out by placing the wig on a stand so I could easily cut and shape it. Then used a comb to straighten out the hair.

Next I began separating the hair into sections. I created 3 wide Mohawks separating each with a thin section of hair. I used rubber bands to keep the bottom sides from lifting up.

Using a razor blade, I began cutting the 4 dividing sections of hair. I cut enough off to clearly see the 3 wide Mohawk sections.

Once I finished cutting, I combed the wig to get a nice defined shape.

The next step was to prepare the wig for hair color. I cut aluminum foil into strips that were large enough to fold over the Mohawk sections. I started with the center Mohawk, and began wrapping the hair with foil. I used binder clips to keep the foil from slipping out of place and tape to keep any foil edges from lifting up.

Once I finished covering the Mohawk sections with foil, I was ready to add the hair color. I placed the wig and stand outside, using a plastic bag to protect the stand from any overspray. I began spraying the black hair color over the entire wig. I needed about 3 coats of black to completely cover the red hair, and used 2 cans of spray in total. When I finished spraying the color I allowed the wig to dry overnight.

When the wig was dry, I removed all of the foil and clips. Then combed the hair to get a nice shape.


Supplies: Old pair of shoes, red felt, scissors, tacky glue, small foam brush, plate, binder clips, paper clips, electrical tape, safety pins and a stapler.

To create the red shoes I applied pieces of red felt fabric to a pair of old shoes using a foam brush and tacky glue. I used the seams of the shoe as a guide of what shape to cut each piece of fabric, leaving extra that I could trim off later. I added binder and paper clips around the edges to keep the fabric from lifting up.

I used an oversized piece of felt for the toe area so I could safety pin the fabric closed at the bottom. This helped mold the fabric around the toe and kept the fabric from puckering.

I let the glue dry for 24 hours. Then used scissors to trim all the excess felt from the shoe. I added electrical tape around the sole to cover up the felt edges and used a few staples to secure the tape from lifting up. I used an awl to poke holes through the felt for the laces to slide through.

I removed all the clips from the shoes and inserted the red laces.


Supplies: Plastic sword, gold spray paint, coconut, faux leather, paint, paint brush, felt, foam, electrical tape, hand saw, awl and a knife.

The plastic handle of the sword was too wide to fit inside the coconut, so I began by securing the sword in a vice and cutting off the excess plastic using a handsaw.

I spray-painted the blade gold which required 4 coats to completely cover all the silver plastic. Then allowed the paint to dry completely.

While waiting for the sword to dry, I began working on the coconut handle. I started out by draining all of the coconut milk. Once the coconut was completely drained, I cut it in half. I used the blunt side of a knife to steadily tap around the middle of the coconut until it was completely separated.

Once I chose which half I was going to use as the handle, I removed the coconut meat. I found it easiest to use a small kitchen knife to cut out little sections one at a time. 

Next I cut a slit at the top of the coconut for the blade of the sword to slide through. I created the slit using a handsaw blade; starting from the hole I had created to drain the coconut milk.

Using paint and a paintbrush, I painted different shades of brown on the coconut shell. Then allowed the paint dry completely.

When both the sword and the coconut were completely dry, I inserted the sword into the coconut. I wrapped the base of the blade with a thin layer of felt so it fit tightly through the slit. Then I wrapped the handle with a layer of foam and secured it tightly with electrical tape.

I finished by wrapping the handle with faux leather and hand stitch closed.


The bone necklace was created using suede cording, bone beads, wood beads and a toggle clasp attached by wire to close. I added bronze spray paint to the bone beads for an aged look.


The skull necklace was created using suede cording, a spider charm, a red feather, stud chain, a skull charm, and a turtle charm using jump rings and wire to attach and a toggle clasp to close. I added bronze spray paint to the skull as well.


The earring was created using a gold clip on earring, suede cording, a red feather, silver chain, and a scorpion charm using jump rings and wire to attach.


Supplies: Black pants and a razor blade

Using a razor blade, I created various slits on the front and back pant legs, determining placement as I went along. 

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    5 years ago

    Well now all I have to do is add horns and wings to make Rufioh! Er, the one from Homestuck, that is. There's a pic below for reference so you know who I'm talking about, but on a lovely sidenote this is really amazing! I might just use this (before my Rufioh editing) to recreate Hussie's scenes from when Rufio was killed. Those pages were a bit more funny than sad, mainly because Hussie was breaking the 4th and nearly the 5th wall at the time. But yeah, this is really amazing!!!! Can't wait to make it and then turn it into Rufioh! :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Great costume!

    (I was going to make the same comment!)