Introduction: RWBY Nora Valkyrie- Magnhild

About: A Berry College student

So you're watching RWBY and you want to mask that anger and sadness you're still harboring from Volume 3 [we will never forgive and never forget]. Why not make a kick-ass model of Magnhild to go with your Nora Valkyrie Cosplay? I mean, you have the instructions now.

Likeness/Reference photos from RWBY wikia

Supplies Used:

- Two 4' planks

-12" diameter cement hold

-Silver spray paint

-Plasti Dip (this is optional but will give your handle a nicer grip)

-Foam Core

-Acrylic paint(gray and pink)

Tools Used:
-Scroll saw

-Chop saw

-Crawl bot (I happen to go to a great school with a great lab with great supplies, my original plan was to whittle or only paint)

Price Total: about $20. The real price will be time, dedication, and attention to detail

Step 1: Getting a Handle of Your Cuts

The two most important parts of designing something are:

1. Measurements for realistic proportions/expectations

2. Design.

The designs were based on photos from the RWBY Wiki page

I divided the handle in to 5 sectors according to what I thought made most sense.


Curved base: 15.5" long, 3" widest, 1.25" most inner curves

Large boring rectangle:12"x2.75"

Curved pieces: 12", 3" widest, 2" most inner curves (this will be where you actually hold the hammer so its very important this is smooth and thin enough for your hands to hold it comfortably without slicing yourself

Trapezoid-y piece: 7"x2.75"

Cool base pieces: 7"x3"x1.25", the depth of the divots are .75" and .625"

Use a scroll saw or a bandsaw to make your fine details cuts

For the base pieces I used a Crawlbot with a bitmap traced in Inkscape from the RWBY Wiki photos.

Step 2:

Step 3: Head and Face

I used a 12" diameter concrete form from Home Depot for the head of Magnhild by carving out a very basic design. The cardboard used for a form is really thick! I found using a giant box cutter to be best but you'll still have to put a lot of work into it.

Carve out your design into the concrete form

You'll need to carve out about a quarter from the one side

You have now defined which way your hammer faces

Cut out a 12" diameter circle out of foam core and draw the design on to the circle, this is your face


Attach your face to the head

Step 4: Painting the Handle

Spray paint the handle with your silver spray paint

Use Plasti Dip to spray the curved parts where your hands will actually go

Wait for it to dry and spray with silver spray paint again

Use acrylic paint to add designs!

Step 5: Putting It All Together

I attached the pieces of the handles together by shooting brass nails from a nail gun on all sides at every joint

Glue the base pieces to a the large trapezoid-y piece from before and attach it to the tip of the handle

Use a nail to attack the head to the base

Get your cosplay and head out to con!!