Rabbit Keepsake Box

Introduction: Rabbit Keepsake Box

This is a rabbit keepsake box I designed for a co-workers wife.  She loves rabbits.  The top is designed first then the long sides then the short sides.  Getting the curved sides and top took quite a while to do.  The rabbits were Carvewright patterns.  A 1/16" carving bit and 1/8" cutting bits were used for everything except the top.  The only other bit used was on the top recessed channel that is done with a 1/8" ball nose bit.  The whole box is made from inexpensive yellow pine.  With a little care, it carves fine.  The finish is all Minwax Polystains - 3 coats of cherry and 2 coats of golden oak.  I sprayed Minwax Polyurethane on the finished box and lid with 2 coats to give it a little more shine.  The inside is finished with a turquoise glitter felt, Kayes favorite color.   I am keeping this instructable as simple as possible due the late entry time (less than a hour before the Shopbot contest closes) and my 12 hour work day.  Also, I have been having extrmely bad luck getting things to upload without errors or crashes.  I did my best to make this simple box as beautifull and elegant as possible.  Hopefully, that will show through the photos!  Everytime I look at that Shopbot picture and drool just thinking of what my brain would do with such an amazing CNC.  Since buying is out of the question due to my wifes high medical bill debt, I will try to win in the contest.  Thanks for all your time and consideration.

Johnny Maniscalco

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