Introduction: Rabbit With Unraveling Human Brain in Its Belly

This is the process for one of my mixed reality artworks. I enjoyed making all the preparations! I am looking forward to making the next instructable about the 3D printed and mechanized rabbits.

Step 1: It All Started With a Dream and a Drawing

Step 2: 3D Modeling

After many drawings, I made the Rabbit with Unraveling Brain in Sculptris, a free software for intuitive sculpting

Step 3: Materials

I tried different colors and lighting and settled for gold, thinking about the relationship of wealth and fear.

Step 4: Animation and Play!

I imported the rabbit in After Effects and started playing

Step 5: Layering Actions

I made a sequence of photos from my imaginary interactions with the rabbits, and then animated/ fused this sequence with a technique that allows me to manipulate the time and distort the movements. I layer that animation with the 3D scene with the rabbits.

I recorded sounds in the woods, and then edited them-- accelerating, slowing down, layering and mixing. The resulting animation was shown at Light Year 13 in Dumbo, NY: Light Year 13: The Body Prevails

Step 6: Trying the Physical Presence

I decided to make a small physical model to explore the presence in space and the expression of different proportions.

First I made a "skeleton" from cooper mesh. It was interesting to see how "digital" it looked.

Then, with instructions from a friend who is a sculptor, I applied plaster, and eventually--color.

Step 7: Looking Forward to the Installation!

Step 8: