Introduction: Rabitat

This is how to make an addition to a small animal cage (spefically for my pet rabbit) that can withstand chewing and escape attempts while only costing as little at $25!

Step 1: Materials

First, you will need zip ties in various sizes (I recommend a variety pack), some sort of spring clasps/caribeaner, and a "self assembly storage cubes" package (wire square panels with connector pieces.)

Step 2: Assembly

This part is fairly straight forward- assemble the cube panels into larger panels- I made two equal-sized panels for the sides and then zip tied panels to match the width of the existing cage for the back and top.

Be creative! Whatever works for your space and animal. I left the front open to accommodate the side of the pre-existing cage. I also left a segment open in the top for access into the cage. I'll explain that more later.

Once you have the shape together, strategically place zip ties everywhere the panels might need support.

Step 3: Creating Doors

You're going to want ways to access the cage yourself and ways to block off your pet from entering so you can easily catch them for vet visits etc... What I did was create two doors using the spring clasps. Using the side of the existing cage, I suspended it from the top of the front via the clasps then zip tied it to the cage. This way, I can undo the clasps, allowing it to swing down and reform the original cage, then re-clasp it. Similarly, I did this with a panel made of cube panels at the top half of the back.

Step 4: Extras

If you have a bit of extra cash and the need, you can make a top and bottom of plywood and carpet. Here, I merely hot glued and tacked crappy carpet to the bottom board so my rabbit wouldn't chew our bedroom floor. I also made a top with water-based paint (careful not to gas the bunny with fumes!) to create a shelf for storage space.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Tweak as needed for your pet- Bijoux enjoys is thoroughly while we're at work and can't allow her to roam the apartment destroying our furniture unattended.