Introduction: Race Bib Display

When participating in races you’re always left with your numbered bib and sometimes medals as souvenirs.

Instead of throwing them all out I’ve been keeping my racing bibs and medals in a pile on my bookshelf.

After walking around the craft store a few times I’ve finally come up with a great way to display them all on my wall using a poster frame, foam board and some ball chain.

This board could also be a great gift for a racing friend or loved one to display all of their accomplishments.

After assembling all the materials this project will take less than 30 minutes to complete!

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you’ll need the following items:

  • Poster Frame – 2 x 3 foot poster frame used in this example
    • Screw driver – Used to assemble frame if required
  • Black Foam Board – Used as a backer board (should be same size as frame)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue – Used to hold Ball Chain in place (a few small sticks will be required or one long stick)
  • Ball Chain and Connectors – Used to hold bibs and to hold frame to wall (20 - 25 foot spool, one connector)
    • Cutter Tool – Used to cut ball chain to length
  • Tape Measure – Used to measure and space the rows accurately
  • Collection of Racing Bibs and Medals to be displayed
  • Safety Pins to attach the Bibs to the Ball Chain

Step 2: Assembly

  • Insert the foam board loosely into the frame. Use a screw driver if required to secure the frame. You could also use some wrapping or contact paper if you want the back to look more interesting than plain black.
  • Measure out the ball chain and cut into 4 pieces each a little over 3 feet. The extra length is used to insert the chain into the hot glue that will hold it in place.
  • Measure out and mark the locations where you will be placing the rows of ball chain. For a 2 foot tall frame I’ll be placing a row every 6 inches.

    Take note that there’s a row along the top but there isn’t a row at the bottom. Use the picture as an example.
  • Glue the ball chain into place. Remember to use a good amount of hot glue. It has to be strong enough to hold the weight of your bibs that will be attached later.
  • At the bottom two corners of the frame use hot glue to hold the foam board in place. No chain is used on the bottom edge.
  • On the back of the frame use the extra length of ball chain and a connector to act as the frame hanging wire. You could also use standard wire.

Step 3: Final Product

You’re done!

You should have 4 rows of ball chain across the front and a chain or wire on the back of the frame for hanging.

At this point make sure to inspect the hot glue holding your chain in place and add additional hot glue as needed. These anchors need to be able to hold the weight of your bibs.

Step 4: Hanging Methods

Now it’s time to take your bibs and safety pins and attach the bibs to the rows of ball chain. Use your creativity! You can hang from one side or both sides. You can also interconnect bibs together to make your own look.

For racing medals you can loop them around the back hanging chain or wire so they hang over the top edge of the frame. Keep in mind you need to balance the weight of your medals so the frame hangs evenly.

Now hang it on your wall and admire all your accomplishments!

If you've made your own please post a photo in the comments!

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