Introduction: Race Bib Holder

This Instructable shows how to create a Race Bib holder. After all the training it takes to prepare for a race, you'll definitely want to display all your hard work in the form of race bibs! This also makes a great present for runners! I am planning on giving one to each of my parents. As well as holding race bibs, this board also features an inspirational quote, and a spot to record fastest run times.

Step 1: What You'll Need

The first step is to gather some supplies. Heres what you will need :

A wooden board, mine was 7 by 18 inches.

Paints and paintbrushes

A ruler

White vinyl and a Silhouette machine. (If you don't have this you can always just use paint.)

Two nails or screws, and something to put them in.

Step 2: Painting

The second step is painting, I used two different colors for a unique look, but any combo or color will work. Paint the front and sides of the board. To achieve the two color combo look, choose two colors and squirt them out next to each other. Mix a small amount of them together and then paint using the two plain colors and the blend. Use as many coats as necessary to create a nice finish.

Note : At first I decided to do green and purple, but the brand of purple paint I used ended up being a bad choice for painting on wood.

Step 3: Hooks

In this step we will put in the screws or nails. First cut out the template using Silhouette Machine, or print and cut out the word template. There are two different files, the one called "Race Bib Word" is for printing. The bib should be 6 by 7.5 inches. Use this template to help mark the area for the screws/nails. For mine I placed the bib one inch from the surrounding edges on the left side of the board. Once the bib is lined up, mark an "X" inside the little circles.

From here, you power drill a nail into the X's. You can also choose the option of nailing nails in as well. The nails/screws will act as hooks to hang the bibs.

Note : I kept the bib template on the board so that when the gift was opened, people would understand the what gift is. Also, I used the Silhouette pen feature to create the number on the bib.

Step 4: Vinyl

For those without vinyl and a cutting machine : The letters can be painted instead. For the "time" slot, a piece of tape will suffice. The vinyl or tape creates a surface that can write on and erase with white board markers.

For those with vinyl and cutting machine : Open the "Quote" file, and cut out. Cut out a corner of extra white vinyl to use as the "time" box. Put transfer paper on the vinyl cutouts. Line up all the cutouts and apply them to the board.

Step 5: Paint the Screws

For the final step, paint the screws/nails. Congratulations you're finished! If you have any questions let me know.

Optional : Add another nail/screw to hang medals.

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