Race to Space




Introduction: Race to Space

Race To Space is a game with a Domino kind of playstyle but with FIRE !

A fun game to play outside!

The concept and prototype was created by Howest students (Belgium, Kortrijk) as a project for Bolwerk.

Step 1: Materials

Game board (materials and machines)

  • MDF board (100x63x1,5)
  • Wooden beams (the wood type doesn't matter! The used beams were given to me by a carpenter who had no use for them)
  • Aluminum sheet (about 0,5m² / 0,8mm)
  • 100% Glue (all purpose glue)
  • Screws (3,0x25mm)
  • Tec7
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill (use 2 if you have them)
  • Miter Saw
  • Band sander
  • Bending machine
  • Plate shears


  • ZIP firelighters
  • Lamp oil (or some other flammable fluid)
  • Cotton rope
  • Jute rope
  • Empty disposable containers
  • Gunpowder (optional)
  • Visco fuse
  • Small fireworks
  • Magnesium stick
  • MDF board 3mm
  • Laser cutter

Step 2: Preparing Materials for the Board

Blocks and center piece

Use the miter saw to cut the beams into 22 pieces with dimensions around 12x10x6
These can be larger and smaller! Use different sizes to make a more vibrant game board.

Choose 1 beam to use as centerpiece (about 25cm high)

Sand the blocks and the center piece on the band sander to get a clean look.

Protection plates

Use the plate shears to cut 22 pieces of aluminum plates (4x4cm)
These will offer a little protection to the blocks.

Cut 2 squares (15x15cm)
These will be used to make fire on

Save the rest of the aluminum!

Step 3: Making the Parcours

Draw a square in the corner (15x15cm) on each side

Place the center piece in the middle of the board

Divide the blocks on the board, 11 on each side

Create a temporary parcours using cord and tape

  • start from the square
  • end at the centerpiece
  • make sure the difference in height is not to big
  • create one bridge on each side
  • make a few turns

Step 4: Gluing

Mark the corner of each block with a pencil

Use Tec7 to glue the blocks to the board

Give the blocks time to dry !

Use 100% glue for the aluminum

Glue one square (15x15cm) on each corner of the board
Glue one square (4x4cm) on the top of each block (in the middle)

Step 5: Making and Placing the Gutters

Measure the distance from block to block

Cut aluminum strips with the measured lengths and 4cm wide

Bend the strips into gutters using the bend machine

Drill a hole at each side of the gutters

Use screws to fix them to the blocks

Step 6: Making the Launch Platform

Cut an aluminum strip 4 cm wide

The length depends on the width of the centerpiece

length = width + 2*(4+2)

Bend the strip upwards at 2cm from each end

Bend the strip downward at 4cm from the previous bends to create the platform (see picture)

Drill a hole at 5mm from each end with a 2mm drill

You can choose to glue or screw the platform to the centerpiece but if you bended correctly it should tighten itself

Step 7: Making the Box

Use the Illustrator file to cut out the boxes with a laser cutter

Glue the sides of the box together using 100% Glue

Don't glue the top! (Obviously)

Cut 2 aluminum strip (13,8x16cm)

Bend the strip in a U shape at these distances: 48 - 64 - 48

Place the U in the middle of the box

Step 8: Filling the Box

Start by unravelling the jute cord
Make balls with the strings

Crush the firelighters into small crumbles
Put the crumbles in the middle of the box

Cut the cord (length = 80% of total parcours length)
Cut the cord in smaller pieces (around 10cm a piece)

Place the magnesium stick in the box

The lamp oil and empty containers are an addition to the box

Step 9: Making the Rocket

Cut about 15cm of Visco fuse

Use scotch tape to secure the fuse to the fuse of the firework

Slide the stick of the firework through the hole in the platform on the centerpiece

Step 10: Placing the Name

Glue the laser cut letters on the board using 100% Glue

Step 11: Gunpowder (optional)

We had some old bullet lying around and decided we could use these for a special effect
We had live ammo and blanks. These were opened in a different way.

Live ammo

Place the bullet in a vise
Use plyers to take out the top (the bullet)
Empty the shell


Place the blank in a vise or use plyers to hold
Use nippers to cut the tip off
Empty the shell

Step 12: Enjoy!

Have fun playing with fire!

Stay safe!

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    7 years ago

    C'mon guys, it's like domino, but it's more fun. No dices needed. Will try this with my kids on next new years eve. I'm sure you could do the platform as a snow-castle, too if you secure it. When put some fireworks in the towers and gates it sure will be a very nice game (from a man's view)

    Famous banaan.
    Famous banaan.

    7 years ago

    can you tell how to play it because imconfused what should i do with it


    Reply 7 years ago

    In the video you can see one side of the game

    First you drain the jute cord ball and the cotton rope in lamp oil
    Place the ball at the start
    Spread the rope over the parcours
    Connect the pieces of rope using firelighters (Zip)
    At the end you can use gunpowder to connect the last piece of rope to the fuse

    Now you can light the ball by using the magnesium stick

    First one to set of his rocket wins


    7 years ago

    I don't understand what this is. do you have a video of someone playing the game?


    Reply 7 years ago

    There should be a video in the instructable (beginning and last step)


    7 years ago

    i guess is a launch trail for rockets