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After Inchworm robot here is a another project in 3D print for learn and fun. In the Order of Baby Cheetah, Inch Worm now this is a monkey, Racing monkey. I make 2 monkey for race. I develop the 3D design in Tinker Cad and Arduino App in MIT app inventor. While develop lot of hurdles first make thing is the wrong design and change the mechanism with the same 3D printed parts. But as like my previous project my kid like it very very much. My kid want that pink monkey for her race with my brown monkey. Lets see step by step Process.


Materials Used (Multiply by 2 for 2 Monkeys If you plan more multiply it accordingly)

1) 3D printed Parts - 1 Set.

2) 30 Pin ESP32 Development module - 1No.

3) 18650 Battery - 1No.

4) 18650 Battery Holder - 1No.

5) Plain PCB

6) 1Kohms Resister - 1No.

7) 2N2222 Transistor.

8) 60RPM BO Motor - 1No.

9) Wires.

10) Screws.

For design change I use some metal parts from the scrap . For change design 3D printing no such parts are required.

Step 1: 3D Design

I use Tinkercad for design. The BO motor holder is download from Tinkercad friends 3d design. Then after lot of changes first image print is received from 3D print out provider and during run it failed so changes done as per second design (but i change the design in tinkercad but for physical i alter the old 3D printed parts.

Step 2: 3D Print

Racing monkey - Working design

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

This time Circuit also plan in tinkercad. Its a very simple circuit with one resistor and a transistor.

Step 4: PCB Making

As i told in earlier projects. I like to create shield like boards so that when movement no wires get loosen. Here also i make a shield for ESP32. Due to only 3 pins are needed i make a shield with 5 header pins.

Step 5: Connecting the Circuits

Connect the shield to the ESP32 controller. Two 2 pair wires from the shield one from the battery and another one to motor. Connect and test the ESP32 Power on and off.

Step 6: Make More Circuits

For more monkeys make more circuit boards.

Step 7: Android Programming

1) Thanks again to MIT App inventor.

2) Start a New project Racing Monkey.

3) Design Side with three layouts

a) For Pick up Bluetooth

b) For select the steps for kick

c) Game Layout for calculate clicks and send it to ESP32.

4) In the Block side design store the selected clicks in a global variable. While each touch up count up and when it reach the no of clicks send 1 to through bluetooth.

Step 8: Android Files

Android apk file attached here. Download the apk and install in your mobile.

Step 9: ESP 32 Programming

1) For ESP32 use the Arduino IDE for programming, this is my first project in ESP32.

2) Its a very very small program.

3) Initialize ESP32 Bluetooth.

4) When "1" is received through Bluetooth, then run the motor connected through transistor circuit in GPIO13. After few seconds stop the motor. Received no of "1" s is added in variable. When motor run completed each time subrate the variable received, when it reach zero then stop the motor.

Step 10: Arduino IDE File for ESP32

Download the file and upload it to esp32. Change the Bluetooth device name as per requirement.

Step 11: Pair Mobile With ESP32

Run the Android app.

1) Switch on Bluetooth in Mobile.

2) scan and select the Monkey Bluetooth . It shown in available devices.

3) Click to pair with the Monkey.

4) Now It listed in paired devices.

Step 12: Run App

1) Click the app in the screen.

2) Click Pick Bluetooth button and a selection list listed.

3) In the selection list click the monkey.

4) Then the settings Tag listed.

5) Change the slider as per requirement. Click to to race.

6) Now click the monkey as fast as you can. At complete each cycle a funny voice heard and send a commend to Arduino.

7) Animate for touch up and down.

Step 13: Failure - Assemble 3D Printed Parts

1) Received 3D printed Parts.

2) Very easy to Fix motor First.

3) After Fix the Links and Join the hands.

4) Problem while rotate, non motor side arm reverse so it affect the continuous Run. Plans are done to change the existing design. But corrected 3d desin is attached in step2.

Step 14: Physical Changes in Design

1) Use FeviKwik to paste the non motor side arms.

2) as Per requirement cut the bottom of the hand.

3) Connect a steel plate with slider path, I got it from metal scrap.

4) Now assanble and connect the hand links.

Step 15: Fix the Circuit

Fix the circuit and battery one front and one back side. And now the monkey is ready to test.

Step 16: Test Run - Success

Wow it looks amazing. I feel very very happy. See the Test Run

Step 17: Make a Second Monkey

Make another monkey. But this time its very fast to complete and output is very very neat.

Step 18: Circuit Permanent Assembly

Disassemble the First monkey and wiring it to make the monkey compact.

Step 19: First Game

First test in the Top floor. Cant able to record the video of race because we want 2 mobiles to control two monkeys.

Step 20: Make Up Time - Robo Monkey

Its make up time use fur cloth to make leg, tail and hand. Make up as per your requiremnt with out disturb the mechanism. Use hot glue gun to fix it with Monkey. I use pink color and Brown color fur. Use hart glue gun to stick it with the robot. Draw cut and cover the face and paste it in the top between the hands. Now the monkey is ready to race.

Step 21: Lines for Monkey

We need parallel line for monkey race. Cloth drying rail is a perfect choice for it. We have one cloth drying rail in the top floor i use it for the race.

Step 22: Some Game Line Photos

Some of the Game Time photos.

Step 23: Fun Time

Cant able to record the video of race because we want 2 mobiles to control two monkeys. Play with robots is very fun when compared to play in mobile games. We enjoy a lot especially kids like it very very much.

Its very very fun to design and assemble the robots. I learn a lot in this project.

Thank you for going through my project.

Lot more to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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