Introduction: Racing Skateboard

this skateboard just like a rocket.what is written on the skateboard is what I love, including my friends. I hope my friends can love themselves,be themselves and believe themselves. Take the “rocket” to achieve their dreams. Wanton growth, love boundless.

Step 1: The Production of the Board

1.Pull out a cuboid, make its length, width
and height 64.44mm,8mm and 1mm respectively, and copy; Then pull out a cuboid with length, width and height of 64mm,16mm and 1mm.

2. Draw the stretchable curve and rotate it by
180°. The parameters are set as shown in the figure.

3. Pull out a Cycloid and set it to the
parameters shown in the figure, align the hole with the stretch-able curve, and group it. As shown in the picture.

4. Pull out a roof shape and rotate 180°,
as shown in the figure. Set the length, width and height to 26.21mm,6mm and 1mm respectively. Lift them off the working plane and copy them five times, then group them with stretchable curves.

5.Select all the prepared shapes and combine them.

6. Pull out a cube and set its length, width and
height to 12.89mm,9.21mm and 2.25mm. Then pull out the shape of corner and resize it to re-merge with the corner of the cube. Set it as a hole and duplicate the other three. Pull out the four cylinders and set their size to 3.04 and height to 2.62. Then place them at the four corners of the cuboid and set them as holes. Select them and group them.

Step 2: Manufacture of Wheels and Their Supports

1. Then pull out two cuboids and rotate
22.5° counterclockwise and clockwise respectively to align with the previous cuboid. Then pull out two cylinders and rotate them counterclockwise by 22.5° respectively. Lift them from the working plane to the cuboid. Pull out a tube, rotate 90°, set its length to 25.13mm, diameter to 4.20mm, and lift it from the working plane to the cylinder. Group them.

2. To get rid of the extra parts, pull out some cuboids, set them as holes and combine them with the previous figure. As shown in the picture.

3. Pull a wheel to the working plane and rotate it 90° around the X-axis, then adjust its length, width and height as shown in the figure below.

4. Duplicate the wheel. Combine them on both sides of the tube. As shown in the picture.

5. Copy and paste the object again, then rotate the two objects by 180° about the z axis and make them symmetric. As shown in the picture.

Step 3: Assembly and Decoration

1. Then combine the two objects with the skateboard. As shown in the picture.

2.Finally modify the color, you can choose your favorite color, add your favorite pattern.

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