Introduction: Rackable/Stackable Laser Cut Linbin System

This instructable is mostly just to share my rackable/stackable linbin system.

I needed to tidy up my garage and I have a laser cutter stashed in there so it made sense to laser cut my own linbins, that way I never need to worry about finding the same linbins for future purposes or waiting for the bins to be delivered. I developed a system where I can make bins as wide/long as I want so I don't need to worry about storing funny shaped items either.

The linbin files attached contain all the information required to make your own linbins. The bin itself is broken in to 4 parts, the 2 sides, the bottom and lip and the back wall. The sides are made of 3 parts, front, back and middles, you can have as many middle sections as you like with 1 front and 1 back to make a bin as long as you want. The same goes for the width too.

The racking system can be free standing or wall mounted and can store as many bins as you want. Just keep adding rows and hooks to the rack.

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