Introduction: Rad Grenades for RADLANDS

RADLANDS is a quick, fun, and safe LARP with a post apocalyptic setting.

Players can use these RAD GRENADES to attack or defend. They work great for dark indoor spaces- turn them on, throw 'em, and easily find them to pick up and reuse again!

Here's what you'll need to make some RAD GRENADES.

  • 2.5" foam Pool Noodle (white or yellow)
  • Color cycling battery Tea Light (votive sized)
  • Serrated Steak Knife
  • Hot Glue (optional)
  • Clear Tape (optional)

Step 1:

Buy a 3" diameter pool noodle, in a light color like white or yellow.

Using a serrated Steak Knife, slice off a 4" length.

Step 2:

Carefully cut a circle around the inside of one end.
You only need to cut about halfway down the length.

Then use your finger to pull out the foam from inside.
This is to make the hole big enough to insert a battery powered tea light.

Step 3:

Save the plug of foam you pulled out.

Step 4:

OPTIONAL- To help the tea light stay in the grenade, add a ring of hot glue around the top of the light.

Step 5:

Now insert the tea light, upside down, into the hole you cut in the foam.
It should stick to lip of the area you didn't cut out.
The "flame" of the light will easily fit in the original hole of the pool noodle section.

Once the glue has cooled (if you used any), you should still be able to
access the switch and the battery door on the light from the "bottom" end.

Step 6:

To keep the battery from breaking loose, add a bit of clear tape over the battery door.

Be careful not to tape over the switch!

Step 7:

You can make it look more grenade-like by trimming the ends at a slight angle to bevel them.

Don't trim off too much or your grenade will get too small.

Step 8:

You can plug the small hole at the top end by stuffing that foam plug in there that you saved earlier.

Roll it into a spiral and just shove it in there.

You should still be able to see light come through the plug.

Step 9: You're Done!

Turn it on and huck it at someone in a dark hallway! Fun!