Introduction: Radar Detector

Using an Ultrasonic sensor, and three LED lights, I created a Radar that can determine how far the object or people is from you. If the LED lights didn't light up it means that you are 60 centimeters or above far from the Radar. If the green LED lights up it means that you are around 40 to 60 centimeters close from the Radar. If the yellow LED lights up it means that you are around 20 to 40 centimeters close to the Radar. If the red LED lights up it means that you are very close to the Radar which is a range of 0 to 20 centimeters. This project is very easy what you need is only three LED with different color and an Ultrasonic sensor, then you can get a Radar for yourself. And this instructable is going to teach you how to make it.


One red LED light

One yellow LED light

One green LED light

Three resistor

One Ultrasonic sensor

Step 1: Build Up Your Radar

First, you put the three LED lights into the Arduino just like the first picture. Then, you insert the Ultrasonic sensor like the second picture. Last, you get your model of the radar.

Step 2: Import the Program

Step 3: Enjoy Using Your Radar

Original Resources:

The changes I make in this project from the original project is that I remove the step motor and change it to a fixed radar. Another change I make is what I mention above, the different LED lights will light up when the Ultrasonic sensor detects an object in different distance.

Step 4: Video