Introduction: Radar Intel Edison

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We have the Internet some projects ultrasonic radar, but we find for the most part radar projects based on Arduino, thinking about it, I created the Intel Roadshow São Paulo in 2015 an ultrasonic radar based on Intel Edison, an easy method of construction and should only attention higher in the code Processing and Sketch code for the Intel Edison, follow step by step.

Necessary itens:

1- Intel Edison and Breakout Board

2- Shield of Grove Kit for Intel Edison

3- Protoboard

4- Servo-Motor

5- Breadboard

6- Jumpers Wires

7- Structure to mount the system

8-Arduino IDE 1.5.3

9-Processing IDE 2.1

Step 1: Making the Electronic Circuit

Mounting Circuits:

Mount the circuit diagram exactly as done in Fritzing , the circuit power is 5 VDC , connect the ECHO pin ultrasonic sensor in digital port 6 Intel Edison , connect the TRIG pin of the ultrasonic sensor in digital port 7 Intel Edison , connect the servo motor signal wire digital port 3 on the Intel Edison , provide energy for all sensors and prototyping boards.

Step 2: Sketch for Intel Edison E Processing

Please download the code for Intel Edison and Processing in my Github, my Github here, or locate


Do not forget to change the serial COM port on Windows or dev/sda Linux in Processing code , place the code according to their serial port settings.

Step 3: Project Overview Radar Edison Intel IoT Roadshow 2015 - São Paulo - Brazil

Project Overview Radar Edison Intel IoT Roadshow 2015 - São Paulo - Brazil , demonstration project running.