Introduction: Raddish and Tomato Salad

This is one of my favourite family recipe. It Looks and taste great.
If you have all the ingredients..... Its fairly simple to make

You will need

White raddish
(choose one with fresh leaves)
Corriender leaves
(also called as cilantro)
Fresh coconut
Fresh green chilli

Step 1: Chop Everything

1. Chop raddish
This is a very important step.... I recomand not to skip
Add a little Salt and keep aside for 10 min..... Now squeez it with your hand and drain water.
2. Chop raddish leaves
3. Chop tomatoes and Corriender
4. Mix in a large bowl.
5. Add grated coconut.
6. Add seasoning according to taste.
And serve

Step 2:

You can cover this and keep it in fridge till its time to serve.

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