Introduction: Radial Engine Toy

Radial engine toy with spinning propeller, inspired by the AN-2 airplane.

Just a simple welding project, a bit rough but I wanted to finish it in one day

Tools used:

  • MIG or TIG welder
  • angle grinder
  • bench grinder
  • belt sander
  • dremel


  • 9 spark plugs
  • bearing
  • screws
  • washers
  • nails
  • broken ball-joint
  • flat iron

Step 1: Cylinders

Insulator part of the spark plugs was cut off.

Top of the spark plugs was capped with a washer, hammered flat around the edge and cleaned with abrasive flap disk.

Each cylinder has two screws welded as valve covers.

Step 2: Propeller Hub

I've left the bearing seals as long as possible to prevent the weld spatter getting inside.

Cylinders were welded to the outer race at the back.

At front, each of the screws was connected to the base with a piece of nail.

Cuts on broken ball-joint were filled with weld and then ground off.

Half of the ball was cut off to form base of the propeller hub

Step 3: Propeller Blades

Each blade was made from piece of flat stock.

For more real look, I've twisted them using pliers while holding inside end in the vice.

Then I ground them up with abrasive flap disk, cleaned and rounded the edges on belt sander and polished up on wire wheel.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Blades were welded to the hub and small bearing ball was added to the top.

It spins :)